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Shin-gwang Pump is proud of the best performance and quality of the pump in Korea.

Privacy Policy

Items of personal information that we collect

The Company has collected personal information as below for membership, consultation and service application etc.

  • Collect items: Name, Contacts, E-mail, ITEM Code, Counseling, Attachments
  • Personal Information Collection Methods: Homepage (subscription)

The purpose of collecting and using personal information

The company utilizing the collected personal information for the following purposes.

  • Settlement Price of the Contract and service providers on service

    Such as the purchase and shipment billing, Luggage shipping or billing

  • Member Management

    Confirm your membership of the service, personal identification, illegal use prevention and unauthorized use prevention of defective member, join doctors confirm, age verification

Period of possession and use of personal data

The company is collecting and using personal information after the purpose is achieved without delay to destroy that information without exception.

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