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  • Chemical plant, filter circulation of the plating solution, PCB corrosion washing, coating, surface processing, acid cleaning processing, semiconductors, chemical processing plant (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid), etc.

  FRP PUMP ?  

  • Because the contact surface with the fluid is made of FRP, it is suitable for strong acid and alkali, which are difficult to be used for the metallic material.
  • As a general metallic pump, it can transfer hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid, etc, which are difficult to transfer. Because it is light with good acid resistance and corrosion resistance, it is necessarily used in transferring various toxic chemicals.
  • It is necessarily used for the large-scale chemical plant and others in which chemicals are manufactured.



  • As a precise compression molding product by the super high voltage (3000Kg/㎠) DP of the resin injection molding equipment (Patent number: 0260774), it is a product that challenges the world market of 0% defect rate.
  • The reduction of production cost- Save the manpower, materials, and required power with an automation system
  • The improvement of durability and strength
  • The extrusion molding by mold
  • The improvement of acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and wearing resistance
  • Standardization
  • The assembly without the second and third processes after the molding
  • The improvement of standard efficiency
  • The improvement of quality
  • The minimization of air pockets that are generated during the FRP molding
  • The minimization of contractions and distortions that are generated during the FRP hardening
Capacity 0.05~7.5m/min
Total Head Max 65m
Temperature Max 120℃
Revolution 1750, 3500rpm 1450, 2900rpm
Rotation CW(Clockwise viewed from coupling end)
Shaft Sealing Mechanical(Sic/Carbon, Unbalance, Rubber:Bellows Type
Flange KS10kgf/cm(JIS 10kgf/cm), FF Type
Bearing Lubrication Oil Bath Type
Bore 32~150mm



  • Impeller_2D design and component development
  • Impeller_3D design and component development


  • Casing _2D design and component development

  • Casing _3D design and component development

  • Casing cover 2D design and component development

  • Casing cover 3D design and component development



[Disassemble and assemble complete look (Disassembly, Assembly Drawing and Completed Form)]

  • 2D design also exploded

  • Casing cover 3D design and rendering

  • Assembly Dimensions (Completed image)