Shin-gwang Pump is proud of the best performance and quality of the pump in Korea.




  • It is used at the site that needs the self-priming, and the site where the FOOD VALVE cannot be installed within the induction pipe, and the chemical plant site. By examining the quality of the pump material in advance, any chemical damage should be prevented. (GC200, STS304, STS316, STS316L, ALLOY20C, HASTELLOY-C)
  • For agricultural and industrial uses- agriculture related, watering, drainage, and miscellaneous drainage
  • For wastewater treatment- the drainages of general wastewater and slurries
  • For chemical industry- the drainage of chemical wastewater and the transfer of chemicals
  • For construction and public works - the reservoir of structures, the drainage of septic tanks, and the drainage of collecting well in the basement
  • For the marine machinery – the general water supply and drainage.
  • For ultrasonic wave cleanser- the transfer of cleansing chemicals
  • Besides, it is diversely applied to all the industrial sites.  


  • With the structure of the self-priming vacuum-type pump in which there is FOOD inside the pump itself, there is no need for a FOOD valve.
  • As it is equivalent to the disassembly method of the general centrifugal pump, it is easy to disassemble, maintain and repair the components.
  • As the bearing housing is solid, the pump has a long life.
  • It is the packing and M/Seal method.
  • Although the water inside the discharge pipe flows down due to the factory with the backflow prevention facility, the re-suction is possible with only the water within the pump casing.
  • By using the semi-open-type impeller, the design method has been applied with which the transfer of sludge is easy.
  • Compared to the other pumps, the amount of discharge is big, and it requires a small driving power.
  • It has been designed so that, even if the impeller is clogged because a waste enters inside the casing, the elimination of the waste can be done with only the disassembly of cover without disassembling the pump.
  • The bearing housing is a combined type of lubricants and greases. Because it has been designed for the basic coupling method or the direct-coupling type, it is possible to install easily even in the space with a small installation area.